Team Placement

Nobody deserves a spot on the traveling team. Everyone has to earn the opportunity to be on the "A" team. We will take the top 15 players to tournaments regardless of class standing. The best way to earn a spot is to show up to practice with the right attitude, and work hard.


Since we are student ran we have to provide our own funds. These funds go to flights, hotels, equipment, etc. Dues change year to year, but extra money that was not spent by the end of the season is given back to the players. Any donations would help and would provide new equipment!

University of Arizona Men's Water Polo History

Try outs

We encourage people to come out and play for us. We will not turn anyone down that wants to  practice. However, because we are a competitive club, we will only be bringing one team to the tournaments. If you want to be on this team you will have to prove yourself everyday at practice.

University of Arizona Men's Water Polo

Show up with the right attitude

Everyone on the team takes water polo seriously and has an unconditional love for the sport. We know how to have fun and know when to be serious and focus on the betterment of our game.

How our team works

The University of Arizona Men's Water Polo Club was established in 1974 to with the goal of promoting interest in the sport, while providing a fellowship among students and faculty. The club represents student needs and wants in regard to having a highly competitive sports club and to provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.  Our team is a part of the CWPA (Collegiate Water Polo Association) and is composed of the Southwest divisions.